Affordable Cremations of Virginia will make the removal, file the necessary paperwork, and return the cremains to your family.


Transportation from place of death

After notification of death, Affordable Cremations of Virginia will make the removal. Removals made within a 20-mile radius of Chesapeake, Virginia are included. Removals beyond the 20-mile radius will incur an additional $2.50 per mile charge. Adults exceeding 300 pounds will be charged $50.00 per 50 pound increment.

Filing authorizations and permits

After receiving the required forms, Affordable Cremations of Virginia will file the necessary paperwork for you.


  • Death certificate
    We will file the death certificate with the Health Department in the city in which the death occurred.
    Death certificates are available through the Vital Statistics office of the city in which the death occurred. In the state of Virginia, the fee is $12.00 for each certified copy.
  • Death notification
    We will send the death notification to the local Social Security Office.
    If there is a surviving spouse or dependent children living in the home, you will need to call the Social Security Office at 1.800.772.1213 to file a claim (an adjustment will be made in the monthly amount received).
  • Burial permit and authorization for cremation



Payment is required before cremation can take place. The deceased will be properly stored until all necessary permits have been secured and payment made. Payment may be made by using a credit card online or by certified check or money order in person or by mail.

The Department of Veterans Affairs may partially reimburse some veterans for final expenses. We encourage you to speak with a local county Veterans Services representative.



After the necessary permits have been filed and payment has been made, the cremation will take place. The cremation process takes approximately 3 to 6 days. The cremains will be returned to your family sealed in a bag placed in a plastic urn.